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Just 50 years ago, Montezuma was a little port town filled with fruits and vegetables from the rich and fertile soil surrounding this charming village.  Montezuma's older residents still talk today of the parades of ox carts with local produce that used to line up every day at the boat docks to ship goods to Puntarenas.  


Begin to imagine then, a small, clean, unspoiled and peaceful port town surrounded by a lush and natural habitat.

Around the middle of the 1970's, a road was built that connected Paquera with Cobano and Montezuma ceased to be a shipping port and instead transformed itself into a magical little fishing village. Hardly 30 years ago, Montezuma was an enchanting fishing corner nestled at the feet of two enormous cliffs from where six rivers twisted and turned creating creeks, pools, and cascading waterfalls. The rivers flowed through thick and leafy forests that sheltered countless racoons, roaming bears, squirrels and deer just to name a few.


Imagine all of this and more, just minutes from the Pacific Ocean alongside eight distinctive and picture perfect beaches with sand colors ranging from a muted ivory at Las Manchas to a deep gray at Playa Grande.

All of this attracted the first visitors who could not resist the magnetic and fascinating beauty of Montezuma. Many have stayed and made it their home.

Slowly, Montezuma began to attract dancers, painters, musicians, and local bohemian types from all nationalities including Italians, Germans, Spanish, Americans, Greeks, Dutch and Argentineans among others who have also decided to stay. And yet, Montezuma retains its charm with its small population.  

Montezuma still remains today a small but interesting mix of cultures and people who share a unique atmosphere where one can choose from a wide range of activities or just take a few steps and enter into your own private world of 8 different beaches, four fresh water rivers, purifying and notifying  and caressing waterfalls, starry heavenly nights, protected mountains, and miles and miles of flora and fauna.

Access to the town of Montezuma is only 5 minutes away by car from Casa Frangipani.

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